Zoe Hair + Makeup Artist London


I'm Zoe, a professional Hair & Make-Up Artist based just outside of London.

I have been working within the industry for the past 9 years gaining experience in all aspects of Make-Up including Editorial, Beauty, Commercial, Male Grooming, Events and Tutorials.

My extensive knowledge within this industry allows me to create the perfect look completely tailored to you + your clients needs.

Being a Make-Up Artist isn't just based on your artistic skill, it's also based on your ability to communicate with your clients in order to create something that's perfect for them. I believe this is why my customers come back time and time again feeling safe in knowing they are going to get the ultimate package.

My products have been tried and tested and are of the highest quality ensuring that the look I create stays on the entire day whatever the occasion.

Clients would best describe me as "Professional, Attentive and Fun" and I'm always open to new ideas so enquire now via my 'Contact Page' if you are interested in booking my Hair + Make-Up services.

Have a wonderful day and I hope to hear from you soon,



07804 200 425



Clients Include:

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